(a) Who Must File. Each candidate, authorized person in the case of a party, or campaign treasurer who is authorized to sign the organizational report in the case of’ a committee shall register with the commission in accordance with 6.1605 ASCA by filing an organizational report for each and every election or office sought, or both.

(b) Form; Filing; Time; Copies. The organizational report shall be filed with the commission in duplicate on a form furnished by the commission at the time set fort h in 6.1605 ASCA. However, when an expenditure is made, incurred, or authorized by a person or contributions in an aggregate amount of more than $100 are accepted prior to 1 July of the year the person runs for election, an organizational report must’ be filed within 10 days after 1 July of that year if not previously filed.

(c) Contents: The report shall include:

(1) The information required by 6.1706 ASCA.

(2) A statement of whether the committee is a continuing one.

(3) If the committee is organized independently of any candidate, a statement of the expected relationship to the candidate and other committees directly associated with the candidate.

(4) Any other information as required by the commission from time to time.

(5) The signature of the person authorized to sign the report for a party or committee. All reports filed by a committee with a campaign treasurer named by a candidate shall also be signed by the candidate.

History: Rule 1-85, eff 2 May 85, § 4.2.