(a) Who Must File. Any person who has filed a preliminary report shall file a final report.

(b) Time. The final report for a candidate, question, or issue on the general, special, or run-off election ballot shall be filed on or before the 20th calendar day after the general election. The final general report shall contain all information detailed in 6.1719(a) ASCA from the day after the closing date of the applicable preliminary general report through the day of the general, special, or runoff election.

(c) Form; Filing; Copies. The final report shall be filed in duplicate with the commission on a form furnished by the commission.

(d) Content. The report shall include:

(1) The information required by 6.1719 ASCA and additional information as the commission may reasonably require as reflected in the campaign financing report forms adopted by the commission from time to time.

(2) A description of any adjustments or other explanatory information relevant to the contributions and expenditures reported.

(3) The signature of the person authorized to sign the report by a party or committee. All reports filed by a committee with a campaign treasurer named by a candidate shall also be signed by the candidate.

History: Rule 1-85, eff 2 May 85, § 5.4.