(a) Unless the commission is requested to terminate a registration, as provided in Rule 4 relating to organizational reports, a candidate is required to file supplemental reports. For the purpose of this subsection, the term “candidate” includes an elected official.

(b) Filing Dates. Reports are due every 3 months in the event of a deficit and every 6 months in the event of a surplus. Reports filed on the 5th of the month as shown below must be completed as of midnight of the 5th day before the filing date.

(1) Supplemental reports for all candidates, committees, and parties must be filed on or before the 5th day of:

Deficit Surplus

January January

April July

July January



(2) Supplemental reports following the final report filed after a special election or special general election, in the event of a deficit shall be filed every 3 months subsequent to the previous report. In the event of a surplus, filings are required every 6 months after the final report.

(c) Form; Filing; Copies; Content. The supplemental reports shall follow the form, filing requirements where applicable, number of copies, and content of Section 3.0143.

History: Rule 1-85, eff 2 May 85, § 5.5.