(a) Who Must File. Any candidate who ceases to be a candidate .for any reason after filing 1 or more organizational reports, and any committee or party that discontinues or determines that it will no longer receive contributions or make expenditures reportable to the commission shall file a disposition of funds report.

(b) Form; Filing; Time; Copies. The report shall be filed in duplicate with the commission on a form furnished by the commission, on or before the date the distribution is to be made.

(c) Content. The report shall include:

(1) Information required to identify the person filing the report, the amount and source of funds to be distributed, the manner of distribution, and additional information as the commission may reasonably require as reflected in the campaign financing report forms adopted by the commission from time to time.

(2) The signature of the candidate or person authorized to sign the report by a party or committee. All reports filed by a committee with a campaign treasurer named by a candidate shall also be signed by the candidate.

History: Rule 1-85, eff 2 May 85, § 7.2.