(a) Persons other than elected officials or candidates who failed to be nominated or elected who wish to dispose of their residual funds must make a proportionate distribution of the residual amount to all donors. Failure to make proportionate distribution to donors shall be prima facie evidence of failure to maintain adequate contribution records.

(b) Elected officials or candidates whose names have appeared on the ballot may make a proportionate distribution to donors or they may contribute any residual funds to any candidate, party, charity, nonprofit organization, or to the territorial general fund in the case of a territorial office.

(c) To qualify as a proportionate distribution there is no requirement that residual funds be distributed to persons contributing less than $10 or that distributions be made in amounts less than $5; provided, however, that no contributor shall receive more than his original contribution.

(d) An elected official shall be presumed to be a candidate until the close of filing for nomination in the year in which his current term of office expires for purposes of this rule.

History: Rule 1-85, eff 2 May 85, § 7.3.