3.0210 Registration in Person.

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(a) Individuals who are physically present in American Samoa, and who desire to register to vote, must appear in person before an election officer.

(b) An application in the form of an affidavit, containing the following information, must be completed:

(1) name;

(2) Social Security number, if any;

(3) date of birth;

(4) current residence;

(5) place of current employment;

(6) a statement that the American Samoa residence was acquired with the

intent to make American Samoa the person’s legal residence with all the accompanying

obligations therein;

(7) that the person is a U.S. citizen or U.S. national;

(8) signature of the applicant; and

(9) sworn to before an election officer.

(b) Proof of qualifications and residency must be provided upon request by the Election Office. A list shall be posted in a public area of the Election Office, specifying those documents that are acceptable as proof of qualifications and residency. Copies of such documentation must be maintained in the qualified voter’s file.

History: Rule 1-2004, eff. June 16 04.