3.0220 Registration in absentia.

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(a) Uniformed services voters and overseas voters may register to vote for the office of Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives without having to appear before an election officer in American Samoa.

(b) An application to register must be in writing. The application must contain the following information:

(1) name;

(2) Social Security number, if any;

(3) date of birth;

(4) residence in American Samoa;

(5) current mailing address outside of American Samoa;

(6) place of current employment;

(7) a statement that the American Samoa residence was acquired with the intent to make American Samoa the person’s legal residence with all the accompanying obligations therein;

(8) that the person is a U.S. citizen or U.S. national;

(9) signature of the applicant; and

(10) sworn to by a notary public, commissioned officer, consular officer or other authorized person.

(c) An application to register need not be on any specific form or in any specific format. The following forms are also acceptable for voter registration:

(1) Federal Post Card Application; and

(2) any other form prescribed by the National Voter Registration Act.

(d) An application to register must be mailed or FAX’ed directly to the Election Office. If a facsimile medium is utilized, the application must be mailed after it is FAX’ed.

(e) Proof of qualifications and domiciliary must be provided upon request by the Election Office. The request by the Election Office may specify the type of documents that are acceptable as proof of qualifications and domiciliary. Copies of such documentation must be maintained in the qualified voter’s file.

History: Rule 1-2004, eff. June 16 04.