31.0114 Examination.

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(a) Every applicant for an original contractor’s license shall be required to take the examination prepared and administered by the administrator or his designee.

(b) There shall be 2 types of examinations: a specific examination which shall be one approved and required for a particular classification, and a general examination which shall be approved and required for all classifications.

(1) Specific Examination. Specific examinations shall be administered either by the administrator or his designee and shall be concerned with the particular specialty applied for (31.0510 ASCA, specialty contractor) or one or more unrelated and generally recognized building trades (31.0509 ASCA, general building contractor; 3 trades required) or engineering (31.0508 ASCA, general engineering contractor).

(A) Specialty contractor’s license: For a specialty contractor’s license the applicant must personally take and pass the examination for the specialty applied for in addition to the general examination as set out ill subsection (2) of this section. On application by the specialty contractor for supplemental specialty licenses, an employee of the specialty contractor may take the specific test. Such employee will then be designated a responsible managing employee. (Note: An individual who is not employed may not take a specific examination from the contractors license board to obtain a supplemental specialty license, as such license is supplemental to the specialty license. He may, of course, take the general and specific examinations on application for a specialty contractor’s license or he may be tested by the board of tradesmen examiners pursuant to Chapter 31.05 ASCA and rules promulgated thereto for a tradesmen certificate.)

(B) General building contractor’s license: The applicant for a general building contractor’s license need not take the specific examination personally as long as l or more of his employees take and pass examinations administered by the administrator or his designee for 3 unrelated and generally recognized building trades, and such employees are designated responsible managing employees, and the general contractor engages in only those trades as licensed.

(C) General engineering licenses: An applicant for a general engineering contractor’s license need not take the specific examination personally as long as l or more of his employees take: and pass such examination and are responsible managing employees, and all work done by such general engineering contractor is the type of work which was the subject of the examination taken and passed by the responsible managing t: mployee or general engineering contractor.

(D) The administrator may substitute part of the specific examination required in this sub section by on-the-job inspections of the applicant’s ability and by the requiring of work samples, blueprint discussions, or other practical discussions or demonstrations.

(2) General Examination. Every applicant operating a sole proprietorship shall personally take and pass a general knowledge examination approved and administered by the administrator. Every copartnership, corporation, or other combination or association shall designate a member of its management to take such general knowledge examination. Such examination shall cover the following subjects:

(A) General knowledge of labor and alien law in American Samoa;

(B) General knowledge of safety and health laws,

(C) Such general knowledge of administration principles of the contracting business as the board deems necessary for the health, safety, and protection of the public;

(D) General knowledge of tax and social security requirements, Workmen’s Compensation Act requirements, and immigration law and rules regarding employment of aliens.

(c) Examinations shall be given at least once ea ch quarter of the calendar year.

History: Contractors Lic. Bd. Reg. 2.09, eff 12 Feb 73; and 7-87 eff 18 May 87, § 1.