31.0119 Advertising as contractor- Applicability of provisions.

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(a) Any person who advertises or puts out any sign or card or other device which would Indicate to the public that he is, within the meaning of the law, a contractor, who causes his name or business namestyle to be included in a classified advertisement or directory under a classification which includes the word “contractor” is subject to the provisions of 31.0501 ASCA.

(b) Any person who advertises as described ill subsection (a) of this section under a classification other than his license classification is subject to the provision of this section regardless of whether his operations as a contractor are otherwise exempted.

(c) “Advertising” as used in this section includes, but not by way of limitation, the issuance of any card, sign, or device to any person, the causing, permitting, or allowing of any sign or marking on or in any building or structure, or in any newspaper, magazine, or by airwave transmission, or in any directory under a listing of contractor, with or without any limiting qualifications.

History: Contractors Lic. Bd. Reg. 2.14, eff 12 Feb 73.