31.0130 Administrator powers.

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Pursuant to 31.0505 (4) ASCA, the administrator may take any lawful administrative action necessary to accomplish the purpose of the Contractors Licensing Law and this chapter. Such action may be, but is not limited to, the following:

(1) To investigate the qualifications and business operation of applicants for licenses under this chapter or any licensee, including the use of any examination designed to test the qualifications and competence of applicants and their appointed responsible managing employees;

(2) To issue or renew or to refuse to issue or renew, to limit or modify, or to suspend or revoke any license provided for in this chapter;

(3) To prescribe forms for completion by applicant to ascertain such information as needed to enforce the provisions of the Contractors Licensing Law and this chapter;

(4) To prescribe examinations for the testing of applicants and their responsible managing employees;

(5) To appoint a person, persons, or a department or agency to examine applicants or their responsible managing employees as to their professional competence;

(6) To require applicants to provide references so that the administrator may obtain information from others regarding the competence or character of the applicant or his responsible managing employee;

(7) To investigate any complaints or any matters otherwise known to the administrator regarding the competency, character, working habits, or ethics of any licensee or his responsible managing employee and to require an answer from such person or persons regarding such complaints, and to take such action as the administrator may feel justified and as provided in the Contractors Licensing Law and this article after investigation of the complaint or other matter;

(8) To make such orders as are provided for in the Contractors Licensing Law and this chapter;

(9) To grant a temporary contractor’s license and certify the responsible managing employee for churches and other charitable organizations. A responsible managing employee approved for a temporary license holder may work on no more than one project in a 2 year period. The administrator shall give an oral examination to the contractor and responsible managing employee applicants based on the law, and the plans and specifications of the project. The fees as established by 31.0 121 ASAC shall apply to a temporary license. Approval shall be for a class 4 license only. The following sections of this chapter shall apply to a temporary license: 31.0101 through 31.0106, 31.0109 through 31.0116, 31.0120 through 31.0124,31.0128, and 31.0130 through 31.0138 inclusive; 31.0124 shall apply but is limited to the project. The license holder shall not advertise nor in any way hold him or herself out to others as an approved contractor or responsible managing employee except as a temporary licensee for this one project. There must be a demonstration that the church or other charity has the required nonprofit status with the tax office of the government treasury.

History: Contractors Lic. Bd. Reg. 4.01. eff 12 Feb 73; and Rule 7-87. eff 18 May 87. § 5.