31.0158 Plaster and lathing.

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Plastering and lathing means the coating of surfaces with a mixture of sand, gypsum, plaster, quicklime or hydrated lime and water, or sand and cement and water, or a combination of such other materials as create a permanent surface coating, and which coatings are usually applied with a plasterer’s trowel or other mechanical means over any surface which offers a mechanical key for the support of such coating, or to which such coating will adhere by suction or which has been manufactured to provide a base for such coating. Also, to examine surfaces and specify, select, apply, and affix wood, gypsum, and metal lath, or any other materials or product prepared or manufactured to provide key or suction bases for the support of plaster coatings, in such a manner that, under an agreed specification, acceptable lathing can be executed and installed, including the channel iron work for the support of metal or other fireproof lath work for solid plaster partitions, but plastering and lathing shall not include the erection of any wall, ceiling, or soffit to which such key or suction plaster bases are applied.

History: Contractors Lic. Bd. Classification of Contractors’ Licenses, eff 12 Feb 73, (part).