31.0203 Registration required-Work for ASG.

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(a) Any person practicing or offering to practice land surveying in this territory shall submit evidence that he is qualified to practice and shall be registered under this section. It is unlawful for any person to practice, offer to practice, or represent himself as a land surveyor in this territory or to set, reset, replace, or remove any survey monument unless he has been registered or specifically exempted from registration under this section.

(b) Surveys made exclusively for geological or landscaping purposes, which do not involve the determination of any property line, do not constitute surveying within the meaning of this section.

(c) In any firm, partnership, company, corporation, or association practicing or offering to practice surveying, a t least 1 member , employee, officer, or director must be individually registered as a professional surveyor pursuant to this section.

(d) Any firm, partnership, company, corporation, or association organized, or individual from outside the territory and performing contractual surveying work for the ASG shall comply with the following conditions:

(1) Field surveys performed shall be done by persons holding full or temporary registration from the board.

(2) Computation, compilation, mapping, and other surveying services performed outside the territory shall be done by, or under the direction of, persons duly registered to perform such services under the jurisdiction of the state or territory in which the work is performed.

(e) This chapter does not prohibit or prevent an individual, firm, partnership, corporation, or association engaged in any line of business other than the practice of surveying from hiring a registered professional surveyor to perform surveying services incidental to the business of the individual or organization.

(f) The following are not required to be registered under this section:

(1) Officers and employees of the United States Government practicing solely as such officers and employees, and engaged in work incidental and necessary to performance of services for the government of the United States or the ASG;

(2) Any employee of the ASG, directly responsible to a registered professional surveyor, insofar as he acts solely in such capacity;

(3) Any subordinate to a registered professional surveyor.

History: Rule 9-76, eff 24 Aug 76, Bd. of Reg. for Prof. Surv. Rules and Regs. § 3.