31.0205 Renewal of certificates.

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(a) Any certificate issued under this chapter shall remain in effect until 31 Dec next following date of issuance of the certificate.

(b) Any registered professional surveyor certified under this chapter who wishes to continue the practice of his profession into the next calendar year shall, by 15 Jan of that year, secure from the secretary of the board a renewal slip and pay to the department of revenue an annual renewal fee as established by statute. Upon presentation of receipt of the payment, the secretary of the board shall issue to the registrant a card certifying his right to practice for the next calendar year.

(c) Any certificate which has expired for nonpayment of the annual renewal fee may be restored, within 1 year from its expiration, under rules prescribed by the board and by payment of the delinquency fee fixed by statute.

History: Rule 9-76, eff 24 Aug 76, Bd. of Reg. for Prof. Surv. Rules and Regs. § 5.