31.0207 Record of survey – Filing, examination, registration.

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(a) Within 90 days of the establishment of points or lines, the registered professional surveyor must file with the survey branch manager copies of the record of survey relating to land boundaries or property lines which disclose any of the following:

(1) Material evidence which, in whole or in part does not appear on any map or record previously flied with the survey branch or the registrar of lands;

(2) A material discrepancy with such records;

(3) Evidence that, by reasonable analysis, might result in alternate positions of lines or points; or

(4) The establishment of l or more lines either shown or not shown on such map, the positions of which are not ascertainable from an inspection of such map without trigonometric calculations. A copy of any record of survey flied with the survey branch manager, shall, after being examined by him, be filed with the territorial registrar.

(b) Within 15 days of the date of submission of a record of survey, or within such additional time as may be reasonably necessary , the survey branch manager shall examine it with respect to:

(1) its accuracy of mathematical data and completeness of information as required in 31.0206 (e);

(2) its conformity to other records of satisfactory evidence of errors of such other records;

(3) its compliance with other provisions of this chapter.

(c) If the survey branch manager finds the record of survey to be satisfactory he shall endorse on each copy the following certificate and present 2 copies to the territorial registrar for registration:


This map has been examined by me or under my direction for conformance with the laws of American Samoa and the rules of the board of Registration for Professional Surveyors, and is hereby approved for registration this ________________ day of ______________ 19___.

Signed: ________________________

Survey Branch Manager, DPW”

(d) If the survey branch manager finds the record of survey to be not in compliance with this chapter and the laws of American Samoa, he shall within 15 days of date of submission return it to the surveyor who presented it together with a written statement of correction required for compliance.

(e) If matters appearing on the record of survey cannot be agreed on by the survey branch manager and the registered professional surveyor within 30 days of the date of submission, a list of discrepancies shall be noted on the maps by the survey branch manager, and 2 copies with such notation shall be forwarded by him to the territorial registrar for registration.

(f) The copy of the record of survey filed with the territorial registrar shall be securely fastened by him into a suitable book provided for the purpose. He shall keep proper indexes of such records of survey by district, county, village, name of land, and name of owner. It shall be proper procedure for the territorial registrar to keep 1 copy for public reference and another for safekeeping.

(g) Prior to filing the record of survey, the territorial registrar shall endorse the record with a certificate in the general form of the following:


Filed for record this _________ day of _________________ 19___ at ___________ past ____ o’clock, ___________ M, in Book Number. ____ Page _____, at the request of ________________________________________ of _______________________________ village.

Signed : _____________________________________

Territorial Registrar”

History: Rule 9-76, eff 24 Aug 76, Bd. of Reg. for Prof. Surv. Rules and Regs. § 7.