31.0208 Enforcement-Suspension and revocation.

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(a) The board shall, within its statutory limitations, enforce all provisions of this chapter and pursue the prosecution, where applicable, of all violators of this chapter.

(b) By majority vote, the board may revoke or suspend for a period not to exceed 2 years the certificate of any professional surveyor whom it finds has committed:

(1) any fraud or deceit in obtaining his registration;

(2) any fraud or incompetency in his practice of surveying; or

(3) any violation of this chapter.

(c) The adjudication of mental illness, or the voluntary commitment to a hospital for a mental illness of any registered professional surveyor, shall constitute a suspension of the right to practice, such suspension to continue until restoration to or declaration of sanity or mental competence.

(d) The board may reissue a license to any person whose license has been revoked if a majority of the board votes in favor of such reinstatement.

History: Rule 9-76, eff 24 Aug 76, Bd. of Reg. for Prof. Surv. Rules and Regs. § 8.