31.0303 Tradesmen-contractors board jurisdictions-Laborer supervision-Industry structures.

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The board of tradesmen examiners views its responsibilities in relation to the contractors licensing board as follows:

(a) The contractors licensing board’s primary interest is as set out in 31.0102. Such board is thus concerned with the protection of the general public from unqualified or unscrupulous contractors. Of primary importance, then, is the contractor’s:

(1) business. skill and knowledge of legal requirements to engage in business;

(2) integrity and character; and

(3) professional competency if holder of a specialty license, or the competency of those responsible managing employees who qualify the contractor for license by taking and passing the specific examinations as set out in the Contractors Licensing Law and rules.

(b) Next, the board of tradesmen examiners is interested in the tradesmen, foremen, and general foremen who are licensed by them and who work at a trade immediately under the contractor or the responsible managing employee.

(c) All employees who are not contractors, responsible managing employees, or tradesmen shall be designated as laborers. All laborers shall be under the direct supervision of the tradesmen, foremen and general foremen, responsible managing employee, or the contractor.

(d) In a pyramid of construction employees, tradesmen are above laborers but below the responsible managing employees of the contractor, as follows:

(1) Contractor: license by con tractors licensing board;

(2) Responsible managing employee: tested by contractors board as to specific knowledge of certain building trades; operates as superintendent;

(3) Tradesmen, foremen, and general foremen: examined by board of tradesmen examiners;

(4) Laborers: those workers who must work under the supervision of tradesmen, responsible managing employees, or contractors.

History: Bd. of Tradesmen Examiners Regs., eff 28 Dec 72, Reg.1.03.