31.0305 Certificate required.

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No person shall conduct any business or operate as a tradesman without being rust licensed by the board and having a tradesmen’s certificate issued for the trade or trades approved by the board, nor shall such person put out any sign or card or other device, or advertise by news media, telephone yellow pages, or otherwise, which indicates to the public that he is a certified tradesman. This rule does not prevent any person who has not been issued a certificate from performing work on his own buildings, provided there has been compliance with all the applicable provisions of the ASCA, especially with regard to building permits and inspections. This rule does not prevent a certified tradesman from forming a partnership or other association with persons who are not tradesmen provided the name of the certified tradesman appears as the tradesman on all instruments of service, and in no case may other members of the partnership be designated as tradesmen. In the event such certified tradesman forms a partnership or other association for contracting services, such tradesmen shall place themselves within the purview of Chapter 31.05 ASCA, Contractors Licensing Law, and rules applicable thereto.

History: Bd. of Tradesmen Examiners Regs., eff 28 Dec 72, Reg. 2.01.