31.0306 Application-Content.

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All persons desiring to be licensed as a tradesman must apply to the board upon a form prepared and supplied by the board and must pay the fee required by 31.0312. In addition to other information deemed necessary by the board, the applicant shall supply the following:

(a) Name, village, post office box number, nationality, place of birth;

(b) The amount of experience possessed by the applicant, the names and dates the applicant has been employed in the past 5 years, and names of employers;

(c) The names of 3 references of whom the board may inquire as to the workmanship and character of applicant;

(d) Whether or not the applicant has been charged or convicted of a crime (other than minor traffic convictions), the charge, the dates, and the disposition of such case;

(e) Whether the applicant has ever had a tradesmen certificate before; if so, the period such applicant held such license and the reasons such license is not now held;

(f) Whether or not the applicant has ever been associated with the holders of a contractor’s license which was suspended, revoked, limited, or modified.

History: Bd. of Tradesmen Examiners Regs., eff 28 Dec 72, Reg. 2.02.