31.0308 Application-Insufficient or incomplete.

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(a) Each applicant for a tradesmen certificate shall, before a certificate may be issued to him, give the information required in the application form as prescribed by the board, furnish the references required as to the applicant’s ability to perform the trade applied for, the applicant’s character and trade reputation, and pay the required fee. The board has the authority to refuse to issue a license to any applicant who fails without good reason or refuses to give the infoffi1ation so requested, or to furnish the required references.

(b) Such incomplete or insufficient application shall be returned to the applicant with the tendered fee and the reason for such refusal to issue made known to the applicant.

History: Bd. of Tradesmen Examiners Regs., eff 28 Dec 72, Reg. 2.04.