31.0322 Powers of the board.

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In addition to other powers of the board, either enumerated or implied, the board possesses the power to do the following acts:

(1) To investigate the qualifications of applicants for certificates pursuant to this chapter including the use of any examination designed to test the qualifications and competence of applicants;

(2) To issue or renew or to refuse to issue or renew, to limit or modify, or to suspend or revoke any certificate provided for in this chapter;

(3) To prescribe forms for completion by applicant to ascertain such information as needed to enforce the provisions of the Board of Tradesmen Law and this chapter;

(4) To prescribe examinations for the testing of applicants as to their knowledge and ability relating to the trade applied for;

(5) To appoint a person, persons, or a department or agency to examine applicants as to their competence in the trade applied for;

(6) To require applicants to provide the names of references so the board may obtain information from others regarding the competence or character of the applicant;

(7) To investigate any complaints made to the board or otherwise known by the board regarding the competency, character, work habits, or ethics of any applicant or certificate holder and to require an answer from such applicant or certificate holder regarding such complaint, and to take such action as the board deems justified, as provided for in the Tradesmen Law and this chapter after investigation of the complaint or other matters known to the board;

(8) To make such orders as are deemed necessary to effectuate the purposes of the Board of Tradesmen Law and this chapter;

(9) To investigate whether employers are employing persons as tradesmen who have not been certified as tradesmen by the board;

(10) To investigate as to whether those persons advertising as tradesmen have been certified as such by the board.

History: Bd. of Tradesmen Examiners Regs., eff 28 Dec 72. Reg. 4.02.