31.0402 General definitions.

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For the purposes of this chapter, unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

(a) “Attorney General” means the attorney general of American Samoa.

(b) “Board” means the health services regulatory board established by 31.1002(a) A.S.C.A.

(c) “Collaboration” means the process in which health professionals jointly contribute to the health care of patients with each collaborator performing actions he or she is licensed or otherwise authorized to perform pursuant to this rule. Within this definition:

(1) “General collaboration” means that each collaborator is available to the other collaborator for consultation either in person or by a communication device, but need not be physically present on the premises at the time the actions are performed.

(2) “Direct collaboration” means that each collaborator is available on the premises and within vocal communication, either directly or by a communication device, of the other collaborator.

(3) “Immediate collaboration” means that each collaborator is physically present in the room where the actions are being performed and is performing the actions or guiding and directing the performance of the actions.

(d) “Day” means the calendar day unless otherwise specified in this chapter. (e)“Governor” means the governor of American Samoa.

(f) “Health occupation” means a practice that is regulated under the chapter.

(g) “Health professional” means a person licensed under this chapter to practice a health occupation in the territory.

(h) “Impaired health professional” means a health professional who is unable to perform his or her professional responsibilities reliably due to a mental or physical disorder, excessive use of alcohol, or habitual use of any narcotic or controlled substance or any other drug in excess of therapeutic amounts or without valid medical indication.

(i) “Person” means an individual, corporation, trustee, receiver, guardian, representative, firm, partnership, society, school, or other entity.

(j) “Protocol” means a written agreement between an advanced registered nurse and a collaborating physician, osteopath, dentist, or other appropriate health professional as required, which shall outline, if necessary, the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to be considered, and which shall outline actions to be taken in providing medical care to patients in accordance with the minimum levels of collaboration required by this rule, except when the parties agree to established higher of collaboration for specific actions or circumstances.

(k) “State” means any of the several states, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or any territory or possessi6n of the United States.

(l) ‘Territory” means the Territory of American Samoa.

(m) “Director of health” means the director of the Department of Health of American Samoa.

History: Rule 2-88. eff 27 Mar 88, § 1.