31.0404 Scope of chapter.

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(a)This chapter does not limit the right of an individual to practice a health occupation that he or she is otherwise authorized to practice under this chapter, nor does it limit the right of an individual to practice any other profession that he or she is authorized to practice under the laws of the territory.

(b) The practices of health occupations regulated by this chapter are not intended to be mutually exclusive.

(c) Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to require licensure for or to otherwise regulate, restrict, or prohibit individuals from engaging in practices, services, or activities set forth in the paragraphs of this section if the individuals do not hold themselves out, by title, description or services, or otherwise, to be practicing any of the health occupations regulated by this rule. Nothing in this section shall be construed as exempting any of the following categories from other applicable laws and regulations of the territory.

(1) Any minister, priest, rabbi, officer, or agent of any religious body or agent of any religious body or any practitioner of any religious belief engaging in prayer or any other religious practice or nursing practice solely in accordance with the religious tenets of any church for the purpose of fostering the physical, mental, or spiritual well-being of any person;

(2) Any person engaged in the care of a friend or member of the family, including the domestic administration of family remedies, or the care of the sick by domestic servants, housekeepers, companions, or household aides of any type, whether employed regularly or because of an emergency or illness or other volunteers;

(3) any individual engaged in the lawful practice of audiology, speech pathology, X-ray technology, laboratory technology, or respiratory therapy;

(4) any individual engaged in the commercial sale or fitting of shoes or foot appliances; or

(5) marriage and family therapist, marriage counselors, family counselors, child counselors, attorneys, or other professionals working within the legal standards and ethics of their respective professions.

History: Rule 2-88, eff 27 Mar 88, § 1.