31.0423 General qualifications of applicants.

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(a) An individual applying for a license under this rule shall establish to the satisfaction of the board that the individual:

(1) has not been convicted of an offense which bears directly on the fitness of the individual to be licensed;

(2) is at least 18 years of age;

(3) has successfully completed the additional requirements set forth in 31.0424, 31.0441 through 31.0447 and 31.0451 through 31.0454 as applicable;

(4) meets any other requirements established by the board by rule to assure that the applicant

has had the proper education, training, experience, and qualifications to practice the health occupation.

(b) the board may deny a license to an applicant whose license to practice a health occupation was revoked or suspended in another state, territory or other licensing jurisdiction if the basis of the license revocation or suspension would have caused a similar result in American Samoa, or if the applicant is the subject of ending disciplinary action regarding his or her right to practice in another jurisdiction.

(c) the references in 31.0424, 31.0441 through 31.0447 and 31.0451 through 31.0454 to named professional organizations and governmental entities for purposes of accreditation or the administration of national examinations shall be considered to refer to successor organizations or entities upon a determination by the board that the successor is substantially equivalent in standards and purposes as the organization or entity named in this chapter.

History: Rule 2-88, eff 27 Mar 88, § 1.