31.0428 Term and renewal of licenses.

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(a) an active license expires 2 years from the date of its first issuance or renewal unless renewed by then board as provided in this section.

(b) the board may establish continuing education requirements as a condition for renewal of licenses under this section.

(c) at least 30 days before the license expires, or greater period as established by regulation, the board or its agent shall send to the licensee a renewal notice that states:

(1) the date on which the current license expires; and

(2) the date by which the renewal application must be received by the board for renewal to be issued and mailed before the license expires.

(d) before the license expires, the licensee may renew it for an additional term, if the licensee:

(1) submits a timely application to the board;

(2) is otherwise entitled to be licensed; and

(3) submits to the board satisfactory evidence of compliance with any continuing education requirements established by the board for license renewal.

(e) the board shall renew the license of each licensee who meets the requirements of this section.

History: Rule 2-88, eff 27 Mar 88. § 1.