31.0444 Nurse-anesthetist.

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(a) in addition to the general functions specified in 31.0443, a nurse-anesthetist may perform any or all of the actions in subsection (b) of this section.

(b) the nurse-anesthetist may:

(1) determine the health status of the patient as it relates to the relative risks associated with the anesthetic management of the patient through the performance of the operative procedures;

(2) based on history, physical assessment, and supplemental laboratory results, determine, with the consent of the collaborating anesthesiologist, or other physician, or dentist, the

appropriate type of anesthesia;

(3) order preanesthetic medication;

(4) perform procedures commonly used to render the patient insensible to pain during the performance of surgical, obstetrical, therapeutic, or diagnostic clinical procedures. This shall include ordering and administering:

(A) general and regional, including spinal, anesthesia;

(B) inhalation agents and techniques; and

(C) intravenous agents and techniques and a nurse-anesthetist collaborating with a dentist shall be limited to ordering and administering anesthesia appropriate for dental procedures;

(5) order or perform monitoring procedures indicated as pertinent to the anesthetic health care management of the patient;

(6) support life functions during anesthesia health care, including induction and incubation procedures, the use of appropriate mechanical supportive devices, and the management of fluid, electrolyte, and blood component balances:

(7) recognize and take appropriate corrective action for abnormal patient responses to

anesthesia, adjunctive medication, or other forms of therapy;

(8) recognize and treat a cardiac arrhythmia while the patient is under anesthetic care;

(9) participate in management of the patient while in the postanesthesia recovery area, including ordering the administration of fluids and drugs; and

(10) place peripheral and central venous and arterial lines for blood sampling and monitoring as appropriate. (c)notwithstanding the provisions of paragraphs (b)(l) and (b)(2) of this section, a qualified advanced registered nurse without collaborating with an anesthesiologist, other physician, or dentist, may initiate and perform local anesthetic procedures and order necessary an esthetic agents to perform the procedures.

History: Rule 2-88. eff 27 Mar 88. § 1.