(a) The board shall use the examination prescribed by the NSPA, and shall make all necessary arrangements with the society including the grading of the examination papers. The society’s grading of examination papers shall be subject to the review and approval of the board.

(b) Applications for the examination shall be:

(1) Filed by February 15, immediately preceding the May examination and by August 15, preceding the November examination: and

(2) Accompanied by the examination fee as provided by the board, which shall not be refundable. An application shall not be considered filed until all required documents have been received by the board.

(c) A candidate who, subsequent to filing an application, wishes to postpone taking the examination, shall notify the board in writing at least 30 days prior to the date of the examination, and the fee paid with the application shall be applied to the next succeeding examination. Only one postponement will be allowed. Failure to notify the board in writing within the prescribed time, or otherwise failing to obtain a postponement from the board shall cause the examination fee to be forfeited. For good cause shown, the board may waive the 30 day written, notice and the postponement limitation.

(d) The examination for the certificate of public accountant shall be held in the territory at places designated by the board.

(e) The board may apply security measures which are deemed necessary to confirm the identification of the candidates for examination.

(f) A candidate shall attain a grade of at least 75 in each of he parts of the examination in order to satisfactorily complete the entire examination.

(g) Conditional credits shall be allowed at the first examination in which the candidate obtains a grade of 75 or more in 2 parts or practice alone and a grade of at least 50 on all parts not passed. This minimum grade requirement shall be waived if 3 parts are passed at a single sitting. To add to this conditional status the candidate shall obtain a grade of 75 or more in at least one part and a grade of at least 50 in all parts not passed. While a grade of less than 50 prevents the candidate from adding to the candidate’s conditional status, it alone does not remove or cancel a conditional status previously attained. A conditional status shall expire at the end of the sixth succeeding examination offered from that examination which first placed the candidate on conditional status.

(h) The board shall accept conditional credits for any part or parts of the NSPA examination earned by the candidate and given under the authority of another state; provided, that the candidate had received the grade of at least 75 in each part. However, recognition of conditional credits shall be subject to the limitation set forth in subsection (g).

(i) The board shall waive the examination for a certificate of public accountant, provided that:

(1) With respect to the holder of a valid certificate of PA issued under the laws of another state, the board shall obtain direct confirmation from an appropriate source that the certificate upon which an application for exemption is based is currently valid and unrevoked and was issued on the basis of an examination described at 31.0520(a) ASAC; and

(2) With respect to a holder of a certificate, license, or degree issued by a foreign country, the applicant shall furnish evidence, from a state of the United States, substantiating that the certificate, license, or degree is comparable to a certificate of public accountant of that state and was issued on the basis of an examination described at 31.0520(a) ASAC.

History: Rule 3-88, eff 18 Apr 88.