31.0620 Application for beauty salon.

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(a) In accordance with the provisions of 31.1505 A.S.C.A., the board hereby requires:

(1) Prior written certification by the director of medical services that the salon meets the standards of sanitation required by the rules of the department of health no longer than 30 days prior to the date of this application.

(2) Proof that a board licensed operator will be working full-time in the salon. The applicant will provide the name(s) of the operator(s) and file a photocopy of the operator’s license.

(3) Proof that there is a bathroom on the premises and available directly from the salon without exiting the salon.

(4) Proof of sufficient security of chemicals and other potentially dangerous equipment from non-licensed persons, children, and from theft.

(5) Filing a copy of the plot plan and a floor plan of the property that will also be filed with the Zoning Board.

(b) No license shall be granted, renewed, reinstated, or restored if the location of the beauty salon is in a private home without a separate entrance and not sealed from the residential portion of the home.

History: Rule 4-88, eff 16 Jun 88, § 2.