37.0108 Relocation assistance advisory programs.

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(a) Whenever the acquisition of real property for a program or project undertaken by an agency will result in the displacement of any person, the Governor shall provide a relocation assistance advisory program for displaced persons which shall offer the services prescribed in subsection

(b) of this section. If the government determines that any person occupying property immediately adjacent to the real property acquired is caused substantial economic injury because of the acquisition, it may offer the person relocation advisory services under the program. (b) The relocation assistance program will take into consideration:

(1) the needs of displaced persons, business concerns, and nonprofit organizations for relocation assistance;

(2) type of assistance necessary to assist owners of displaced businesses and farm operations in obtaining and becoming established in suitable business locations or replacement farms;

(3) the need to supply information concerning programs of the federal government offering assistance to displaced persons and business concerns;

(4) the need to assist in minimizing hardships to displaced persons in adjusting to relocation; and

(5) the need to secure, to the greatest extent practicable, the coordination of relocation activities with other project activities and other planned or proposed governmental actions in the community or nearby areas which may affect the carrying out of the relocation program.

History: Relocation Asst. and Prop. Acq. Regs., eff prior to 1975, Reg. 2.04.