4.0309 Registers of eligible applicants.

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The following types of registers shall be established and maintained by the office of man-power resources:

(a) Reduction-in-force Register.

(1) Composition: A reduction-in-force register will be prepared for each classification, listing the names of all employees who have permanent status and have been notified that they are scheduled for reduction-in-force, or who held permanent status prior to separation due to a reduction-in-force, or who have accepted a voluntary demotion in a class in lieu of a reduction-in-force. The employee’s name shall appear for all classifications in which he held permanent status and, where appropriate, the employee’s geographic availability will be shown.

(2) Method of ranking: This register will be ranked according to seniority; those with the largest period of performance rated 4 or better on their final performance evaluation will be placed at the top of the list, the balance of the names placed in descending order. Those with performance evaluations showing ratings of less than 4 will be placed at the bottom of the list, regardless of years of service.

(3) Life of register: An eligible’s name will normally remain on this register for one year.

(4) Certification: Names from this list shall be certified first to the selecting authority before those from any open or promotional register.

(b) Promotional Register.

(1) Composition: The promotion register will be established for a specific position in an agency and shall include the names of current, permanent employees and/or past permanent employees who have been separated due to reduction-in-force within the last year who have received a passing final grade in the promotional examination and are eligible to be certified.

(2) Method of ranking: This register shall be ranked according to final score from the highest to the lowest.

(3) Life of register: The life of the promotional register shall be until the position is filled.

(c) Open Competitive Register.

(1) Composition: The open competitive register will contain the names of all persons who have passed the appropriate examination for each class of work on an open basis.

(2) Method of ranking: This register shall be ranked by the final score, from highest to lowest.

(3) Life of register: The life of a register shall be one year or until replaced by a register established through a new examination.

(4) Eligibles may be removed from the register under the following circumstances:

(A) On evidence that the eligible cannot be located by the postal authorities or the village pulenu’u;

(B) On receipt of a statement from the eligible declining an appointment and stating that he no longer desires consideration for a position in that class;

(C) If 3 offers of a probationary appointment to the class for which the register was established have been declined by the eligible;

(D) If an eligible fails to reply to a written inquiry as to availability after 5 days in addition to the time required to receive and return the inquiry;

(E) If an eligible accepts an appointment and fails to present himself for duty at the time and place specified without giving satisfactory reasons for the delay to the appointing authority.

History: Rule 10-81, eff 29 Jul 81, § 3.9.