4.0408 Pay schedule placement.

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(a) Initial Appointment.

(1) All initial appointments shall be made at the first step of the appropriate pay range of each of the 3 salary schedules except that, in the event that recruitment of an employee is not practicable at the first step, the director may, after appropriate notice and advertising, recruit at any step within the pay range which will attract qualified candidates.

(2) Requests for payment above the minimum may be made by agency heads prior to or at the time of appointment but in any event must be made no later than 60 days after the appointment date. Requests received after date of appointment, if granted, will not be granted retroactively.

(b) Reassignment. An employee who is reassigned shall receive the same rate of compensation as he presently receives, except that in case of a reassignment from 1 salary schedule to another salary schedule, the pay rules governing initial appointment shall apply.

(c) Reinstatement.

(1) When an employee is reinstated within a year of his separation from government service, he may be paid at any rate within the pay range which does not exceed his highest previous rate of pay, provided that where such rate falls between 2 steps of the grade to which reinstated, he may be paid at the higher step.

(2) The rules governing initial appointment shall apply only when an employee eligible for reinstatement has been separated for at least 1 year from government service.

(d) Returning Veteran. An employee who meets the requirements for reemployment as specified in the Veteran’s Preference Act of 1944, as amended, and who is reemployed in his former position, shall have his rate of pay set at the step he would have received had his service with the government continued. If reemployed in a different position, the pay rule governing initial appointment shall apply.

History: Rule 10-81, eff 29 Jul 81, § 4.8.