Any employee serving a probationary or trial period shall be given a full and fair trial in the performance of the duties of the position to which appointed. Employees serving their original probationary period may be separated at any time during such period upon proper recommendation and 5 working days prior notice, without right of appeal.

(a) Supervisors shall carefully observe the performance and conduct of employees who are serving the probationary period to determine whether the retention of such employee is in the best interests of the ASG.

(b) Three months prior to the expiration of an employee’s probationary period, the office of manpower resources shall request the agency head for a recommendation as to retention of the employee. If retention is not recommended, the agency head and the employee’s immediate supervisor shall advise the director in writing. Upon receipt of the written justification, the director shall, provided the stated reasons are valid and clearly set forth, proceed with the separation actions as follows:

(1) Issue a written notice to the employee advising him that he will be separated as of a particular date, the reason(s), therefor, and that he has no right of appeal, except in cases of alleged discrimination because of sex, creed, color, or marital status. (See 4.11 of this code.)

(2) Section 4.0313(a)(2) governs separation of a career service employee serving a new trial period.

History: Rule 10-81, eff 29 Jut 81, § 8.3.