(a) A person serving under a temporary appointment may be terminated at any time prior to the expiration of his temporary appointment, but must be terminated on the NTE (not-to-exceed) date unless approval has been granted by the director for extension of the appointment.

(b) A noncareer employee who has failed to qualify for a probational or career service appointment to continue his employment may be terminated by his agency upon notification to his department that he has failed to qualify.

(c) An excepted employee; i.e., district, county and village officials, gubernatorial appointees, and staff members of the Fono with the exception of the legislative reference bureau, may be terminated at any time upon proper notification to the director.

(d) An employee who, during a leave of absence, accepts other employment which is contrary to the purpose for which leave was granted may be terminated.

(e) An employee who fails to provide his department head with proper notice of his resignation may be terminated with prejudice.

History: Rule 10-81, eff 29 Jul 81, § 8.7.