The director has responsibility for the recruitment, examination and certification of eligibles, and for the proper classification of positions to titles, grades and pay. Any person who believes his application to have been improperly evaluated and/or any employee who believes his position to have been improperly evaluated, may request in writing that the director review his case.

(a) The request must indicate the person’s basis for his belief that his application, or his position were improperly evaluated.

(b) The request, to be acceptable, must be filed within 10 calendar days of the official notice to the employee.

(c) The director shall review the case and notify the person, in writing, of the findings upon review.

(d) If still dissatisfied, the person may file appeal, following the procedures outlined in 4.0902.

History: Rule 10-81, eff 29 Jul 81, § 9.4.