4.1005 Annual leave-Sick leave.

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(a) A contract specialist whose employment agreement is on a 12-month basis shall accrue annual leave at the rate of 1 working day for each full biweekly pay period during the tenure of his agreement, regardless of the amount of time worked during each pay period, except for periods of leave without pay.

(1) Provided that he is fulfilling all of the terms and conditions of his agreement in a manner satisfactory to the government and, if the government determines that his services can be spared, he may be granted leave upon his request at any time.

(2) He may be administratively required by the government to take leave at any time.

(3) At the expiration of his agreement, the contract specialist will be paid in a lump sum for a maximum of 60 days of unused, accumulated annual leave, computed at the salary then in effect.

(4) Only if it is for the convenience of the government, the contract specialist may elect to apply accumulated annual leave in total or in part in lieu of lump sum payment to an equivalent number of days’ absence immediately preceding and extending to the expiration date of his agreement. He will not, however, be entitled to accrue annual leave while on terminal leave.

(b) A contract specialist whose employment agreement is on a 10-month basis shall not accrue annual leave but shall not be required to work during the school vacation period as designated by the department of education and the community college.

(c) The contract specialist shall accrue sick leave with pay at the rate of I-half day per full biweekly pay period and may be allowed such additional sick leave without pay as the government at its discretion may deem necessary.

History: Rule 10-81, eff 29 Jul 81, § 10.5.