(a) The contract specialist and his dependents will be entitled to medical and dental services in American Samoa to be furnished by the government. Such services may be subject to a nominal service charge to be paid by the contract specialist. Medical services shall be within the limits of the government’s personnel, supplies, and facilities available from time to time in American Samoa. The contract specialist and his dependents will also be entitled to off-island medical care to the same extent furnished from time to time to American Samoans by the government; provided, that the contract specialist will be required to use and apply entitlement to hospital, medical and dental care benefits which he may have as a veteran of the armed forces or as a participant under any other program or insurance plan; and provided further that return travel of the discharged patient, or an authorized accompanying family member, will not be provided should it be determined, in the judgment of the director, department of health, that due to the health of the contract specialist or the dependent, the contract specialist should not remain in American Samoa, in which event the entitlements upon normal expiration of the term of service will be provided.

History: Rule 10-81, eff 29 Jul 81, § 10.6; and Rule 14-83, eff 14 Aug 83, § 1.