4.1101 Policy generally-American Samoan preference.

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(a) It is the policy of the ASG to provide and promote equal opportunity in employment to people without discrimination because of race, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, handicaps, marital status, political affiliation, or other nonmerit consideration.

(b) Pursuant to 7.0204(b) ASCA, and as an integral, part of the equal employment opportunity policy, the government shall employ residents of American Samoa who are American Samoans or United States nationals, and shall employ other persons only when no American Samoans or United States nationals who meet the minimum qualifications for a particular class of work can be found. The Executive Branch initiates this policy in recognition that:

(1) it is necessary to identify and deal with discrimination and obstacles to equal employment opportunity, intended or unintended;

(2) well-conceived, planned, and realistic actions are necessary to provide for achieving true equality of opportunity;

(3) these actions must be aggressively pursued;

(4) an effective periodic self-evaluation is needed to ascertain whether predetermined goals are being met; and

(5) this evaluation will result in updating the action plan as necessary, to meet changing needs and to effectively resolve problems.

History: Rule 10-81, eff 29 Jul 81, § 11.1.