4.1202 Manpower resources responsibility – Individual responsibility.

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(a) Director, office of manpower resources:

(1) is responsible for administering the ASG, personnel program and for providing full support for and maintenance of the ASG employee development and training activities;

(2) will provide technical advice and assistance in the development of the departmental annual employee development and training plans. These annual departmental plans will be reviewed and used as a basis for developing the government-wide employee development and training program;

(3) will review departmental plans prior to the presentation of the annual budget and develop his recommendation of training programs for inclusion in the development and training plan. Upon the Governor’s approval of the ASG training plan, the departmental training program shall be incorporated into the department’s annual budget.

(b) Individual’s responsibility: Because training and development is an individual matter, one that must be accepted and recognized by the person concerned in order to be of any benefit, each employee is, therefore, responsible both to himself and the government service for his personal development and growth.

History: Rule 10-81, eff 29 Jul 81, § 12.2.