4.2003 Agency head responsibilities- Delegation.

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(a) The Executive Director is responsible for carrying out the basic personnel development and management requirements of ASPA. Included in this responsibility are:

(1) Cooperation with the ASG Office of Manpower Resources as necessary and appropriate;

(2) Prompt notification to the Office of Manpower Resources of personnel actions to aid the Office of Manpower Resources in record-keeping:

(3) Active, concerned leadership in assisting employees to carry out individual development plans;

(4) Prompt and accurate action in all hiring of new employees, promotions, transfers and disciplinary actions in conformance with these regulations;

(5) Ensuring that ASPA personnel practices comply with these regulations as well as territorial statutes governing public personnel administration;

(6) Ensuring that ASPA positions are filled by suitable and qualified applicants.

(b) The training and technical aspects of personnel administration may be delegated to supervisors, trainers, and personnel officers, but the basic responsibility for overall personnel administration at ASPA remains with the Executive Director.

History: Rule 11-84, eff 19 Dec 84, (part).