4.2203 Competitive-noncompetitive procedures applicability.

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Vacancies can either be filled competitively or noncompetitively.

(a) Competitive procedures apply to the following types of actions:

(1) Selection of an applicant not employed by ASPA for either a permanent or temporary appointment;

(2) Promotion of an employee in the career service, except under circumstances specified under subsection (b) of this section;

(3) Reinstatement of a former ASPA employee who has completed his or her probationary period in the career service, to a higher grade position than the candidate’s last position or to a position with known promotion potential;

(4) Selection of an ASPA employee who is currently on an emergency appointment for a temporary or permanent position;

(5) Selection of an employee who is in a nonsupervisory position to fill a supervisory position.

(b) Noncompetitive procedures apply to the following types of actions:

(1) Promotions of an employee for which competitive procedures were used at an earlier date, such as:

(A) Career promotion(s), reassignment, etc., made under training agreements;

(B) Career promotion(s) of employees up to the full performance level position in the career ladder;

(c) Career promotion(s) of employees in an understudy position to the target position;

(2) Promotion(s) of incumbents to positions in the competitive service reconstituted in higher grades because of:

(A) Change in classification standards;

(B) Error in the allocation of the original position;

(3) Repromotions of employees to positions or grades from which demoted without personal cause or to intermediate grades below the grades from which demoted;

(4) Conversions to a different pay system without change in duties and responsibilities;

(5) Reinstatement of a former ASPA employee who has completed the probationary period in the career service to the same or similar class held previously in the agency;

(6) Transfer of employment from one department to another department. If such transfer also involves promotion, promotion procedures apply.

History: Rule 11-84, eff 19 Dec 84, (part).