4.2207 Examination-Final rating.

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The Executive Director or his or her designated representative shall determine, by uniform standards, the appropriate examination for a register for a class and the tests or combination of tests and relative weights to be assigned, ensuring at all times that the examinations are job-related.

(a) Examinations shall be practical in nature, job-related, and of such character as to determine the capacity of the applicant to perform the duties of the particular class of positions for which he or she is competing as well as his or her general background and related knowledge and shall be rated objectively. A passing score will be established for each test included in the examination.

(b) Whenever possible, standards for employment will give all due recognition to practical experience in the function and probable aptitude for learning while on the job, rather than relying in the main on formalized education and training.

(c) Examinations shall normally consist of one or a combination of the following:

(1) A written test;

(2) A performance test:

(3) An oral test:

(4) An evaluation of experience and training.

(d) Examinations shall be held at such times and places as are necessary to meet the requirements of the career service, provide economical administration, and be generally convenient for applicants.

(e) Examination announcements shall specify the desirable or minimum requirements, the parts of the examinations, and the method of rating. Announcements shall be prominently posted to ensure that the information is reasonably available to all.

(f) A performance evaluation may be used to construct scores in promotional examinations, provided that the Executive Director determines such evaluations are practical and necessary to improve the effectiveness of the examination.

(g) Each applicant shall receive notice of final rating. After receipt of the notice of rating, the applicant may request and receive information regarding his or her score on any part of the examination, or may give written authorization for his or her supervisor or department head to obtain the information for him or her. The same information may upon request be furnished to the supervisor or department head concerning a certified eligible.

History: Rule 11-84, eff 19 Dec 84, (part).