4.2304 Position classification system.

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The Executive Director shall develop and maintain a position classification system which shall provide for the placement of each position into an appropriate class. This includes:

(1) The establishment of written class specifications which describe each of the various classes within the classification plan in terms of the nature, variety, and level of duties and responsibilities, and the minimum qualifications required to perform adequately;

(2) The establishment, revision, or abolition of classes in order to maintain the plan on a current basis;

(3) The establishment of official class titles;

(4) The changing of any position from one class to another class whenever warranted by significant change in position duties and responsibilities or class definition, or to correct an error;

(5) The auditing of positions in order to ascertain that current positions are correctly classified.

History: Rule 11-84, eff 19 Dec 84, (part).