4.2308 Step-increment increases for length of service-Pay schedule structure.

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(a) Every employee is entitled to an annual step-increment increase at the beginning of the pay period immediately following his or her service year preceding such increase.

(b) A service year is 52 weeks of continuous service in his or her present grade and step, which shall include credit for leave without pay:

(1) To pursue a course of instruction approved by the Executive Director which is related to the employee’s area of work;

(2) To recuperate from an injury for which workers’ compensation weekly payments are made;

(3) For military service when so provided by territorial or federal law; and

(4) For any other authorized purpose but for no more than 10 workdays.

(c) The compensation for an employee, denied an increment because of substandard performance in his or her job in the service year preceding, may subsequently be increased as of the date his or her performance has been brought up to standard and has so continued for a 3-month period. His or her increment anniversary date will be adjusted accordingly.

(d) Ninety days prior to each employee’s step-increment due date, a notice will be sent to the employee, his or her department head, and immediate supervisor. This notice will call for the submission of an annual employee performance evaluation, which must be completed and returned to the Executive Director and the Office of Manpower Resources for record keeping. ASPA will use the Government of American Samoa Employee Performance Evaluation Form.

(1) If the performance evaluation is satisfactory or better, the employee will receive a step-increment.

(2) If the performance evaluation is unsatisfactory, a written note must be submitted to the Office of Manpower Resources 60 days prior to the date the increment is due. Payroll will be notified not to effect the increment.

(3) If no performance evaluation is received, no increment will be processed.

(e) When the date of promotion and the periodic step-increment date coincide, the periodic increment shall be made prior to the promotional increase.

History: Rule 11-84, eff 19 Dec 84, (part).