(a) Employees shall be held accountable for ASPA property entrusted to them for their official use. It is their responsibility to protect and conserve ASPA property, including motor vehicles and other self-propelled equipment, and to use it economically and for official purposes only. The following rules apply to all ASPA-owned or ASPA-leased motor vehicles and other self-propelled equipment:

(1) All ASPA vehicles or equipment are to be used for official business only.

(2) No ASPA vehicles shall be issued to any employee of the agency who does not have a valid driving permit, and no other self-propelled equipment shall be issued to any person other than a qualified operator of the equipment.

(3) No passengers or riders are to be transported unless they are on oft’icial ASPA business or are employees of ASPA.

(4) A valid driving permit must be in the driver’s possession at all times while operating an ASPA vehicle.

(5) All accidents and traffic citations must be reported by the driver or operator to his or her immediate supervisor within 24 hours of the accident or citation.

(6) Any department permitting an employee without a valid driving permit to drive an ASPA vehicle shall be held responsible for any damage or liability incurred as a result of an accident in which such employee is involved.

(7) Employees using ASPA vehicles after hours must first fill out an after-hours usage request at the ASG motor pool. ASG will send a daily notice of authorized after-hours usage to the police department for surveillance purposes.

(b) The rules pertaining to motor vehicles and other self-propel1ed equipment are the established rules of the Executive Director.

History: Rule 11-84, eff 19 Dec 84, (part).