4.3004 Compensation-Absence with pay-Review and reclassification.

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(a) Compensation for positions filled by contract shall be in accordance with established ASPA salary rates based on the salary rates of the career service. Base salaries shall be taken from the appropriate ASPA salary schedule and the rules concerning same.

(b) Contract specialists are not entitled to overtime compensation.

(c) Contract specialists may be granted absence from duty with pay on those holidays recognized by ASPA.

(d) If substantial changes are contemplated in the duties and responsibilities assigned to a contract specialist during the life of his or her agreement, ASPA may review and reclassify the contract position.

(1) If the change is to a vacant position which is not under the supervision of ASPA then ASPA will be made a party to the agreement and he or she will also sign the amendment form and personnel/payroll action request which authorizes the position change.

(2) If a change of position involves a change of grade and salary, then a lump-sum accumulated-leave payment will be made to the employee at the salary rate in effect at the conclusion of his or her unamended term of service. The employee will begin to accumulate annual leave at the adjusted salary rate, commencing with the effective date of the contract amendment.

(e) During the tenure of the contract, the contract specialist shall receive step increments as detailed in the section of these regulations which addresses classification and pay.

History: Rule 11-84, eff 19 Dec 84, (part).