(a) Entitlement at Hiring and Separation. ASPA will furnish transportation for the contract specialist and” his or her dependents, his or her household goods and professional materials from his or her permanent residence to American Samoa. If the contract specialist has fully performed the terms and conditions for his or her agreement in a manner satisfactory to ASPA, ASPA will furnish transportation for the contract specialist, his or her dependents, his or her household goods and professional materials to his or her place of residence from American Samoa.

(1) The contract specialist and his or her dependents are authorized economy, jet air travel accommodations between the point of hire and American Samoa. Unless specifically authorized on the travel authorization, additional cost for superior accommodations or excess baggage shall be borne by the contract specialist.

(2) When a vacant contract specialist position is filled by a qualified nonresident candidate who is temporarily residing in American Samoa, no provision will be made by ASPA for his or her travel or shipment of household goods to the territory. ASPA will contract to return him or her and any dependents to his or her pre- agreed permanent residence at the satisfactory conclusion of his or her employment.

(3) Non-ASPA furnished transportation expenses (private yacht, aircraft) incurred by a con tract specialist and his or her dependents by travel to American Samoa to report to duty may be reimbursed to him or her in amounts not to exceed that authorized for one-way, economy jet air fare as stipulated by ASPA travel rules. The request for reimbursement must be supported by receipts or other evidence of payment.

(4) The transportation expenses mentioned in his or her employment agreement shall constitute the measures of damages for a breach of his or her agreement by the contract specialist.

(b) Remaining After Contract. If the contract specialist, with immigration approval, elects to remain in American Samoa upon completion of his or her contract, ASPA’s obligation for return transportation and household shipment shall be forfeited.

(c) Property Allowed and Prohibited. The weight allowance for the shipment of household effects is limited to that personal property essential to the comfort and convenience of the contract specialist and his or her dependents which may be transported legally in interstate commerce. I t includes household furnishings, equipment and appliances, furniture, clothing, books, and similar property. Household effects do not include property which is for resale or disposal rather than for use by the contract specialist or members of his or her immediate family, nor does it include such items as motor vehicles, airplanes, trailers, boats, pets, livestock, cordwood, building materials, property intended for use in conducting a business or other commercial enterprise.

(1) The firearms laws in the United States differ from territorial legal restrictions. Weapons and ammunition of any kind are prohibited, including air guns, without prior licensing and registration.

(2) The only domestic pets which may be brought into the territory are dogs and cats from the mainland U.S., Hawaii, Guam, Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, Australia, and New Zealand. Animals from the mainland, Guam and T.T.P.I. must be quarantined for 120 days in Hawaii. The extensive rules pertaining to this matter are available from the department of agriculture; some are codified at Chapter 24.03 ASCA.

(3) The importation, production, and use of hallucinogens and potentially harmful drugs are strictly prohibited and punishable by law.

(d) Cash Payment. In lieu of authorized weight allowances for overland and ocean shipments, cash payments in accordance with the following schedule will be made to contract employees for those shipments for the purpose of effecting savings to ASPA.

Estimated Weight

Family Used for Calculations East of West of

Size (pounds) Mississippi Mississippi

1 1,125 $1,200 $1,000

2 1,810 2,000 1,600

3 2,030 2,100 1,700

4 2,250 2,300 1,900

5 2,360 2,400 2,100

Special arrangements will be separately negotiated for contract employees not residing in the U.S. Any portion of a cash payment from this schedule that is not applied to the cost of household/professional effects shipment inures to the benefit of the employee. Employees will be issued cash reimbursements from the schedule upon arrival in the territory. Any exception for newly hired employees resulting in the issuance of a letter of credit to the selected shipping agency may be made only by the Executive Director.

(1) Standard insurance coverage that is -provided by the packer and shipper is based upon net weight only. If the contract specialist wishes to insure on the basis of value, he or she must acquire additional insurance at his or her own expense.

(2) Customs rules applicable to the shipment of household effects must be observed for all travel. The contract specialist is responsible for compliance with the appropriate rules. Except for extenuating circumstances, he or she is liable for additional charges imposed by customs or port authorities.

(e) Renewal Benefits. If the contract specialist’s employment agreement is renewed:

(1) A renewal bonus of $1,000 will be paid for two years’ renewal on the first pay period following the effective date of the new contract.

(2) Round-trip, economy jet air transportation is authorized for himself or herself and any dependents.

(A) A contract specialist who renews his or her contract may be authorized round-trip transportation to a point other than his original point of hire; however, ASPA will only pay up to as much as the cost of economy jet transportation directly to his or her original point of hire. The contract specialist is required to pay for any extra travel charges in excess of his or her allowance.

(B) If the contract specialist’s selected travel routing is at less cost than that to the original point of hire, the contract specialist is not entitled to the difference.

(C) All travel purchased by the contract specialist with the travel authorization must be used on the same trip. For example, if a renewing contract specialist is authorized round-trip fare to San Francisco and decides to go only as far as Hawaii and return, he or she has exhausted all travel authorized by his or her travel authorization form. He or she may not, at some future date, use the difference in fare to obtain further travel.

(f) Completion-of-contract Entitlement. If the contract specialist satisfactorily fulfills the conditions of his or her employment agreement, he or she and aJ1y dependents are entitled to:

(1) One-way, economy jet air transportation to his or her permanent residence:

(2) Unaccompanied air freight allowances provided by the original travel authorization;

(3) Ocean freight shipment allowance for household effects as provided by the original travel authorization;

(4) Additional ocean freight shipment allowance for professional materials as provided by original travel authorizations.

History: Rule 11-84, eff 19 Dec 84, (part).