4.3008 Termination for cause.

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ASPA may discharge the con tract specialist and terminate his or her employment agreement for cause, including dereliction or unsatisfactory performance of duty or misrepresentation or conviction of any criminal offense. Pending a hearing and final determination, the contract specialist may be suspended without payor other benefits.

(1) Removal shall be recommended to the Board of Directors by the Executive Director in writing, supported by a written account of the circumstances and events underlying the recommendation.

(2) Upon receipt of the written justification recommending the removal of an employee, the Board of Directors shall give careful consideration to such recommendation and all background information of record. In this connection, the Board of Directors is expected to consult with the ASPA employee concerned.

(3) If the Board of Directors considers the recommendation to be reasonable, it shall advise the employee in writing of:

(A) The charges brought against him or her;

(B) The fact and effective date of his or her suspension without pay.

History: Rule 11-84, eff 19 Dec 84, (part).