4.3012 Conduct-Reassignment-Career service eligibility-Self-employment.

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(a) Contract specialists are expected to conduct themselves both on and off the job as employees of ASPA. Rules regarding outside work, conflict of interest, and political activities published elsewhere in these regulations apply equally to contract employees.

(b) A contract specialist is precluded by and for the duration of his or her contracted term of service from competing for other vacant positions within ASPA or ASG. He or she may, however, request reassignment to a vacant position and his or her request may be granted at the discretion of the Executive Director and the selecting authority when to do so is in the interest of ASPA.

(c) At the expiration of a contract, every effort shall be made to fill the contract position in the career service. If a position which has been filled by contract can be filled within the career service, the incumbent of that position can compete for the position on a career service basis if he or she is entitled to permanent residency in American Samoa or if his or her spouse is entitled to permanent residency.

(d) Con tract specialists shall not engage in self-employment in American Samoa either directly or indirectly, in any form whatsoever during the terms of their agreements. See Appendix 1 7.06 ASCA.

History: Rule 11-84, eff 19 Dec 84, (part).