41.0402 Organization and delegation.

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The Attorney General has delegated to the chief immigration officer without divesting of the Attorney General any of the powers, privileges, and duties, authority to direct the administration of the immigration office, and to enforce the Act, and all other laws relating to immigration. From time to time other persons within the office of the Attorney General such as the Deputy Attorney General or an assistant attorney general may have delegated to him or her authorization to exercise certain powers and authority on behalf of the Attorney General under the Act. The Attorney General hereby authorizes all immigration officers to record the following information regarding every person leaving or entering American Samoa: names; age; sex; whether married or single; occupation; whether able to read or write; nationality , country of birth, country of which citizen was subject; race; last permanent residence in American Samoa; intended future permanent residence; and, if a United States citizen or national, the facts on which claims of that status are based. The chief immigration officer shall as he/she deems necessary authorize immigration officers to administer oaths to any person relative to immigration status and immigration matters with the immigration office or the immigration board. The Attorney General hereby authorizes and directs the chief immigration officer and immigration officers to prepare and utilize forms for the registration and photographing of aliens. These form shall contain inquiries with respect to: ( I) the date and place of entry of a person in American Samoa; (2) activities in which he/she has been and intends to be engaged; (3) the length of time he/she expects to remain in American Samoa; (4) the police/ criminal record, if any, of such alien; (5) such additional matters as may be prescribed. All immigration officers are hereby authorized to administer oaths. 41.0305 ASCA.

History: Rule 3-86, eff 7 Dec 86.