41.0507 Arrival-departure manifests and lists-Supporting documents arrival manifest for passengers.

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(a) Vessels. The captain, master or agent of every vessel or aircraft arriving in American Samoa from a foreign place or from the United States must present a manifest of all alien passengers on board to the immigration officer at the first port of arrival. A complete roster of all passengers that embark at each port en route towards American Samoa shall be presented by the captain, master or agent to the immigration officer at the first port of arrival in American Samoa. Each passenger on any vessel or aircraft shall fill out an arrival departure cards as required by the immigration office. An arrival departure cards is not required by the immigration office. An arrival-departure card is not required for an arrival, through flight passenger at an American Samoa port for which he/she will depart directly to a foreign country or the United States on the same flight; provided, the number of such through-flight passengers is noted on the manifest and such passenger remains during the ground time in a separate area under the direction and control of immigration officers.

(b) Deferred Inspection. When inspection of an arriving passenger is deferred at the request of the carrier to another port of debarkation, the manifest relating to any such passengers shall be returned for presentation by the captain, master, or agent at the port where inspection is to be conducted.

History: Rule 3-86, eff 7 Dec 86.