41.0603 Decision of the immigration board – Notice to the applicant.

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(a) Contents. The decision of the board may be oral or written. I t shall include a discussion of the evidence and findings as to excludability: the forn1al enumeration of findings is not required. The decision shall be included with the order of the board.

(b) Oral Decision. An oral decision shall be stated for the record by the board at the conclusion of the hearing and in the presence of the applicant. When entitled to appeal from an adverse decision of the board, the applicant shall be so advised and be so required to state then and there that she/he wishes to appeal. At his/her request, the applicant shall be furnished with a type-written transcript of the oral decision of the board.

(c) Written Decision. When the decision of the board is in writing, the immigration officer shall serve a signed copy thereof on the applicant.

History: Rule 3-86, eff 7 Dec 86.